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Prison Industry :

Prison Industries

The following industries were started in prisons, long ago with a view to impart vocational training to the prisoners, in keeping with the Governments policy of reformation and rehabilitation of the prisoners.

  1. Textiles and weaving industry
  2. Tailoring
  3. Soap making
  4. Phenyle making
  5. Book binding and Hand made paper industry
  6. Tag making
  7. Sealing wax making
  8. Boot making
  9. Aluminium
  10. Blacksmithy

The articles produced in the above industries are being supplied to the Government departments free of cost, as Prison Department has been declared as a "Service Department" vide G.O.Ms.No.1901, Home(Prison A) Department, dated.20.8.90.

Now the following industries are functioning in the prisons as detailed below:-

Sl. No Name of the Prison Industries
1 Central Prison -I, Puzhal Sealing Wax, Tag Making, Weaving
2 Central Prison , Trichy Manufacture of Wash well soap, Weaving of Gauze & Bandage cloth and Woollen Blankets, Book Binding and flat file making
3 Central Prison , Madurai Hand Made Paper, Weaving manufacture of flat files & covers
4 Central Prison , Vellore Boot making Industries, Weaving of bandage & Gauze cloth, Binding, flat file making
5 Central Prison , Salem Aluminiuam Industry, Black smithy Industry, Hand Made paper flat file making & binding
6 Central Prison, Coimbatore Weaving, Tailoring, Book Binding,  Hand Loom Spinning, manufacture of T.C. Cloth, Carpet, Raincoat, Mosquito Net, convict cloth, uniform garment and flat file making
7 Central Prison, Cuddalore Weaving (Gauze and Bandage)
8 Central Prison, Palayamcottai Handmade paper, Weaving of bandage & Gauze Cloth Manufacture of flat file cases and covers
9 Special Prison for Women, Vellore Tape Making, Twisted thread making and Bandage
10 Borstal School, Pudukottai Manufacture of Phenyle, Tag making

Prisoners are paid wages at the rates given below:

  1. Skilled            - Rs. 100.00 /  Per day
  2. Semiskilled     - Rs.   80.00 /  Per day
  3. Unskilled        - Rs.    60.00 / Per day

Out of the wages earned by prisoners 50% deducted for their maintenance of upkeep, 20 % is deducted for the Victim Compensation Fund and 30 % of wages are credited in to the prisoners account.

Training in simple trades :

The object of vocational training to the Prisoners is reformation and rehabilitation and with this object training in various simple trades like plumbing, simple electrical wiring, painting including sign board writing, brick making are conducted and prisoners are awarded with certificates by State Council Vocational Training to enable them to seek employment after their release.

Vocational Training :

Details of the Vocational Training

1 Bread Making
2 Diploma and PG Diploma Spiritual Value Education
3 L.E.D Bulb Making
4 Candle Making
5 Four Wheeler and Two Wheeler Mechanism
6 Computer Hardware Course
7 Sanitary Napkin Manufacture
8 Music Class
9 Information & Communication Vocational Technology
10 Hand made paper & Products
11 Diploma in Housing Electrician
12 Herbal Training
13 Diploma in Garment Fashion Designing
14 Basic Tailoring
15 Assistant Cook
16 Basic Wood Work
17 Screen Painting
18 Music Class
19 Kunthakal Art
20 Phenoil Making
21 Cleaning Powder
22 Drawing Class
23 Candle Making
24 Tailoring course (Women )
25 Candle Products (Women )
26 Electircal &Wiring (Men)
27 Diploma in Four Wheeler Mechanism
28 Diploma in Catering Assistant
29 Block Printing
30 Sanitary Napkin
31 Computar Training
32 Beautician Course
33 Hand Emproidary
34 Tailoring And Emproidery
35 Mat Work and Woollen Work
36 Muffler Making
37 Computer Training
38 Baby Napkin and Baby Frok
39 Tailoring course
40 Beautician Course
41 Gem Cutting


Apart from Industrial Training, the prisoners are given training in the following simple trades also by the Government as well as N.G.O.s for their ultimate rehabilitation:

  1. Tailoring & Embroidery besides Computer training to the prisoners of Special Prison for Women, Puzhal through the prison Fellowship of India.
  2. Vermicost training - Central Prison, Trichy
  3. Textile training Central Prison, Coimbatore

The Non-Governmental organizations are running the following industries in prisons.


No. of Prisoners trained (2012-13) 
No. Trade No. of prisoner
1 Basic Sewing Operator 20
2 Bed Side Assistant 57
3 Basic House Wiring  20
4 Security General Guard   40
5 Assistant Manson  38
6 Weaver Looms  50
7 Hand tufted carpet Manufacturing (Handloom)  10
8 Computer Fundamental  117
9 Hand made Paper  28
10 Tailor  60
11 Painter Assistant 39
12 Basic of Beauty and
Hair Dressing
13 Assistant Cook  74
14 Assistant Plumber  20
15 Basic Wood Work 16
16 Basic Electrical Training 20
17 Hospitality Assistant  20
18 Basic Cultivation of Cerea Crops 20
19 Garment Packer  20
20 Spoken English and Communication Skill 40
21 Attendent - Ethnic Indian Sweets, Snacks & Food 20
22 House hold help Kitchen 20
23 Bulp Beater  40
24 Agitator -Pulp QC 40
25 Packer  40
26 Manufactruing of Envelopes 40
27 Paper Cutter 40
28 Dosa Maker 20
29 Idly Samber Maker 19
30 Helper  18
Total  1052


Industry Prison
Coir production unit Central Prison,Cuddalore
Hollow Block Brick-making unit Central Prison,Trichy
Central Prison, Madurai
Bakery Unit Central Prison – I Puzhal
Removing of thread from the Baniyan Waist Central Prison, Coimbatore and Special Prison for Women, Puzhal.
Agarbathi Making Special Prison for Women, Vellore.


In order to channelise the manpower of the prisoners towards a positive direction and to provide an opportunity of reformation and rehabilitation to the prisoners confined in prisons PRISON BAZAARS were established in Central Prison Complexes. The articles manufactured in  the prisons, such as  Bakery items, Paper cups, Greeting Cards, Leather Shoes, Wallets, Mineral Water, Nursery Products, Detergent Soap/Powder, Candles, Mosquito Net, Rain Coat, Ready Made Garments, Honey, Masala Powder, Handicrafts etc., are sold to the public at nominal rates, in this Bazaar, in the brand name of "FREEDOM". An outlet of the PRISON BAZAAR is functioning in the Prison Head Quarters also.
The profit will be apportioned as detailed below: 

      • 20% to the prisoners who worked to produce the goods.
      • 20% to the Government Account.
      • 20% to the Prison Staff Welfare Fund.
      • 40% to the Tamil Nadu Prison Department Manufacture of Goods Fund.

            A BAKERY UNIT is established in Central Prison-I, Puzhal at a cost of Rs. 45.00 Lakhs. Bakery products such as Bread, Bun, Cookies etc., are prepared by the prisoners in this unit and supplied to the Prisons and sold to the public at a nominal rate in the Prison Bazaars.

  • MODERN LOOMS: Terry Cotton & Poly Viscose uniform clothes required for the Police, Fire and Rescue Services and Prison Department in Tamil Nadu are being manufactured in the Weaving Industry in Central Prison, Coimbatore. This industry is being upgraded by installing new modern power looms, at a cost of Rs. 150.00 lakhs, to augment the production capacity and attaining self sufficiency.
  • Handmade Paper Units are being established in all Central Prisons at a cost of Rs. 90.00 lakhs.


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